Talents ASCEND

Our mission is to be the beacon of intentional change for talent diversity, equity and inclusion.

Employers are missing out on the talent from underserved communities – military service members, veterans and spouses, people with disabilities and justice-involved. We remove the barriers and bias.

Our solution is focused on directly matching skills.

Our unique matching process starts with automatic translation of occupations into a skills list and matching those skills to employers. We improve the quality of hire, reduce the cost per hire and remove the barriers and bias through directly matched connections. We unlock the skilled talent and provide employers a steady pipeline of ready candidates.

AI-powered Talent Sourcing


Capable of identifying exact matches quickly and efficiently.

Interview Success

Better onboarding. Improved retention.

Improves Sourcing

Candidates matched to the needs of the organization without bias.

Organizational Match

Unlimited job profiles – see a candidate’s fit across the organization.