Military Members, Veterans, their spouses, and working age dependents

Veterans ASCEND was created to help the military community, veterans of all eras and discharge status, their spouses, and dependents become employment ready through resources, mentoring and community-based advocacy. The military community brings such unique talent, skills and experiences to any organization. Everyone deserves the opportunity for employment that values them as a person, appreciates their unique skills and abilities, and provides them a path to success. We are proud to be a DOD SkillBridge Authorized Organization and a DOL Employment Navigator Partner. 


Talents ASCEND

As part of our process, we invite you to create a free profile on Talents ASCEND. With our AI Powered Skills Matching Platform, we will start matching you to employment opportunities based on the skills that you have and would like to use in your next career. This platform is available for use to our entire Military / Veteran family members.


No Resumes, No Job Boards

We do not pull jobs from the internet or an employer’s job board. We match candidates directly with employers, hiring managers or decision makers who are looking for your skills.