A Collective Advocating for:

Military Veterans and Spouses. People with Disabilities. Justice-Involved/Second Chance.

Your Support Makes a Difference

We have a mission to be the advocacy voice for the underserved communities of military veterans and spouses, people with disabilities and justice-involved. Supporting our mission by donating, brings your voice along to educate employers on the value of hiring from diverse talent communities.

Your support ensures our veterans, military families, people with disabilities and justice-involved candidates are recognized for their skills, connected with career opportunities and supported with other resources for their success. End underemployment, unemployment, low labor participation rates and recidivism. Your Support Makes a Difference.

The ASCEND Collective is a community based effort to bring advocacy for and awareness to underserved talent. To help businesses understand the value these talented candidates bring to an organization and remove the barriers and bias in talent sourcing. 
Everyone deserves the opportunity for employment that values them as a person, appreciates their skills and abilities, and provides them a path to success. Our differences are what make us stronger as a society; expanding and empowering us to maximize our potential as individuals and as a community.

Your Support Counts

100% of your donation goes to advocating for military veterans, spouses, people with disabilities and justice-involved communities. 100% of your donation helps these communities with resources they need to connect with gainful employment, housing or education resources, and health and wellness services.

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Call/Text: 919-926-7025 

Email: FindTalent@talentsascend.com

Talents ASCEND is the beacon of intentional change for talent diversity, equity and inclusion


Intentional Inclusivity

Removing barriers to entry related to translating skills, translating experience to a resume, bias associated with gender, ethnicity, age, disability or background.

Skills Matching

Task based approaches are antiquated. Employers need to focus on what skills are needed to do each job and be matched directly to candidates with those exact skills.

Candidates vs Applicants

Employers don’t hire recruiters so they can spend time digging through applicant databases. They hire recruiters for their expert ability to engage with candidates. 

No Applying First

Removing the barriers of applications and applicant tracking systems before the interview, ensures employers will receive the right talent for their organization.

Direct Connections

To military veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, recent graduates, first responders, justice-involved/second chance and all other candidates. 

Internal Alignment

Realign existing employees to new positions within the organization. Better utilize their skills, promoting from within rather than incurring turnover.

Together We Can

Remove barriers to entry related to translating skills or experience to a resume and all bias associated with gender, ethnicity, age, disability or background. 

Candidates - Get the career YOU want with the respect YOU deserve.

Talents ASCEND is always free for ALL candidates looking for their next career.

No resume. No search.

No applying first.

Employers - Get the talent YOU want with the exact skills YOU need.

Talents ASCEND is AI-powered talent sourcing.

Annual Membership Fees start at $3,000

Unlimited job profiles and unlimited matches

Unlimited candidates – No direct hire fees

Membership is shared with multiple users

Attend a LIVE 360 walkthrough to meet CATE.

We Appreciate Sharing

Our Revenue Share program is designed to give back to organizations who want to assist and support underserved communities.

If interested, please email Findtalent@talentsascend.com

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